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May 1, 2013
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Some Secrets Aren’t Meant To Be Kept
Part 1
Edward Elric X Reader

You sighed happily as you watched Edward and Al spar with each other. You’d met them three years ago when Ed had saved your life. It’s funny to think you’re glad you almost died that day, if not you wouldn’t be here with them right now, best friends.
“Hey (name)! Watch this, I’m beating him this time!” Shouted Edward, ready to attack his brother, making sure you were watching. If Al had his body right now, you were pretty sure he would be rolling his eyes. You watched, cheering for them both (even though you cheered for Edward more) and took in all the flips, jumps and punches.
With one swift movement, Al had tripped Edward up and sent him flying, crashing to the ground. Edward sat up and moaned, feeling embarrassed.
“You sure beat him this time!” You winked, making fun of your friends defeat. Edward got up and dusted himself off, walking over to you.
“I could still beat you in a fight (name)!” Sighed Edward, sticking out his tongue; you just shook your head and rolled your eyes.
“What should we do now?” Asked Al, sitting down next to you.
“I don’t kn-.” But before you could finish you were cut short.
“Hey I’m pretty tired! I should go to bed and you two should, oh say go somewhere together – like a picnic! Hey look at that! A picnic basket, how convenient, well have fun bye bye!”
And with that he was gone, leaving you and Edward alone. You let out a death glare. “That’s the last time I tell Al about who I have a crush on!” You scream to yourself in your head, folding your arms in a huff.
“Well it’s just me and you sweet stuff.” Winked Edward, picking up the picnic basket. “Care to join me?” He asked, holding out his flesh arm; blushing you grabbed his hand and got up – ready to go to a picnic….With Edward…Alone…Together…Alone…With Edward… “Oh Al is so dead when I get back…” You thought to yourself…

~Le Time Skip~

“It’s so nice up here.” Said Edward, pulling out a drink for both of you.
“Yeah I agree. It is late though.” You shrug, pushing Edward back so he was sat against a tree. You place your head on his chest and again shrug.
“What you’re comfy!” You giggle, Edward smiling at you. You felt his arm lock around your shoulder as you sat together.
“You know there isn’t a day I don’t regret saving you (name).”
“Aww Edward, why so sweet all of a sudden? You’re making me blush!”
You carried on talking for what seemed like forever, you’d always got on amazingly well. Feeling sleepy, you rolled over, out of Ed’s arms to the ground next to him, your eyes closing for just a second…
“I’m pretty tired Ed.” You yawned, your eyes fluttering open. Not getting an answer, you sat up and looked around – you were alone. “Ah, great…” You moaned. Getting up you shouted his name, trying to push your hair out of your face that the wind loved playing with.
“Edward?” You called once more, until his voice echoed from behind you.
“Ah, (name), I love it when you call my name.” Winked Edward, you blushed madly and fiddled with your thumbs.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You stutter as he advances on you.
“I got these for you.” He said, presenting your favourite type of flower in the palm of his hand.
“Aww Ed, how did you know?” You ask, putting a hand to your chest.
“Let’s just say, a metal like birdy told me.”
“So dead when I get back…” You say aloud this time as Edward tucked the flower into your soft hair; when a thought crashed into your mind.
“Wait what else has he told you?!”
“Is there something else I should know?” He chuckled, stepping away from you in that mysterious way of his.
“Edward…” You scowl, your cheeks a bloody red.
“That’s for me to know (name).” He winked before turning on his heels and running.
“ED, YOU GET BACK HERE!” You scream, running after him.
“Only if you catch me!” Edward laughs, enjoying this way too much. You chased him for hours…

~Le 2nd Time Skip~

“Got you!” You scream, as you pounced on Edward. You pinned him down beneath you feeling triumphant.
“You’re faster than I thought, I never see you do any running.” Remarked Ed, trying to annoy you.
“Well with legs as short as yours it’s easy!” You snap back, trying to top his comment. Ed then broke into his “who you calling small?!?!?!” Act and started kicking beneath you.
“Stop moaning.” You giggle at your friend.
“It’s kinda’ hard to not moan when you’re on top of me (Name.).”  Smirked Edward.
“Oh God Edward!” You say, jumping off him sticking out your tongue, realising what he meant.
He just sat up and shot you a smirk, standing up and once again dusting himself off.
“Come on its late, we should get in now.” You say, pointing up at the darkening sky. Edward nods and stars to walk into your house. You had your room, Ed and Al were in the guest room. You lived alone so it was always nice to have them come visit. Walking in you spot Al and decide to forgot about his loose lips and head straight for bed.
“Night guys.” You call.
“Night (name), sweet dreams.” They both call back as you make your way down the hall. Before opening your door, you stay still, the boys chatting could be heard.
“So how did it go? Did you tell her you like her?”
“No, I gave her flowers and I don’t like her… I love her!”
“Maybe tomorrow big brother?”
“Yeah, tomorrow…”
Quickly, you ran into your room and slammed the door behind you and started breathing heavily and repeating the words “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”  Your chest feeling like it was going to explode, you leap onto your bed and scream into your pillow.
This is especially for :iconsenwe45: for the lovely picture she drew! :iconloveheartplz: I hope you like it! :3

This is 1 of 3 and yes, 3 will be a Lemon ;)

Part 2: littlecuteinsanegirl.deviantar…
Part 3: (LEMON) littlecuteinsanegirl.deviantar…
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ed: well its just you and me sweet stuff
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me: stop moaning ed.
ed: its kind of hard not to when your on top of me.
me: ..........GAAAH EDWARD NO!!!
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