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(Contains: sexual themes)
Uke!Prussia X Reader

You sat curled up in your chair lazily flicking through a book. You were bored out of your mind, Prussia was in the home gym he and Germany had built, working out for hours on end. Every now and then you’d hear him groan as he lifted weights and you had to say; it turned you on a lot…
Letting the book fall to the floor, you got up and went to the kitchen, pulling an ice-cold beer out of the fridge and making a little hiss at it’s cold touch.
You turned and walked down the hall, opening the gym door to find your boyfriend benching in a white vest and shorts, looking very flustered.  
He put the weights down and sat up when he heard the door open. His amazing eyes met yours and he shot you a smirk, pushing his hair back making you shiver.
“I brought you a beer.” You blushed, walking forward and handing your boyfriend the beer; who took it gratefully pressing it against his hot forehead.
“(Name), this makes you a little more awesome than yesterday…” He winked, opening it open and taking a long drink.
“You look so hot.”
“When don’t I? Kesesesese~.”
“I mean flustered!” Your cheeks went even darker. “You should have a break.”
“The awesome me doesn’t take breaks!”

You just giggled at him and started wandering round the gym, looking at all the equipment Prussia would use. There was a huge mirror on one wall with a banister all the way round it, with the German flag pinned up next to it. You glanced over at Prussia, who was distracted talking to Gilbird and slipping off his vest from the heat. You couldn’t help stare at the skin you wanted to touch so badly. A smirk tugged at your lips and you sprang into action, no way would you be bored after this…

Pulling the flag down you pulled it tight so it looked like a rope; walking behind Prussia you waited for the right moment. There it was, he stretched and you quickly snagged the rope round both his wrists, tying it very tight so he couldn’t escape. Prussia let out a surprised gasp not understanding what you were doing.
“Ugh, (Name)..?”

You hocked the flag on some a part on the bit that held the weights above him so now his arms were being held above his head; a position he’d had you in plenty of times. You looked at his puzzled face in joy and felt very powerful. Smirking you sat down on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck, your noses brushing together. Surprisingly, a blush spread onto Prussia’s cheeks as your glowing (e/c) lust filled eyes gazed into his.
“(Na-) Ahh!~”
You cut him  off, nipping at his neck, running your tongue over his hot skin; butterfly kisses sending shivers up every disk in his spine. His body shook at the sudden contact and his hands wriggled trying to get out of the knot you’d trapped him in. Your hands tangled in his hair, pulling gently making Prussia moan deep in his throat. Soon you brushed over that sensitive spot on his neck and kissed it nonstop; your bites getting harder every time.

Soon your hands trailed down to his chest, the contact making you both shiver.
“The awesome (Name) is going to show you what awesome really is…” You growled kinkily, Prussia’s eyes growing wide.

You kissed him forcefully; a gasp caught in his throat as your lips crashed together. Trying to hold on the tiny masculinity he had, Prussia pushed his tongue forward; but of course you didn’t let him in. You teased him madly, not letting him in what-so-ever; no matter how much he begged for entrance. Smirking against the kiss, you let your hand slide down to his shorts and grab his bulge, squeezing him; making Prussia let a yelp out. You took this chance and pushed your tongue into his mouth; putting up a heated fight, soon Prussia letting you take control of his mouth.

You played with his tongue, cheekily biting it when you could, Prussia trying to wrap his head around the fact you were treating him like a Uke. You rubbed your hips against his, Prussia growing by the second.  The need for air hit you both and as soon as you pulled away Prussia let 100 moans fall from his lips. You smirk at the reaction you were getting, every noise he made making you wet.

As he tried to recover from your antics, you smirked and threw away your shirt. His eyes met with your chest and he was practically drooling at the sight of you. You had his heart in your hand now; grabbing the flag you pulled it up, along with his still bound hands. You lead him to the mirror and pulled down so he was sat, back against the mirror. Taking the flag, you tied it to the banister. Now it would be easier for you to move. You loosened the flag so Prussia’s arms dropped down to his sides, but he was still unable to use them.

You trailed a finger over his cheek; his shimmering hair falling into the burning eyes.  His gaze was fixed on you, waiting for your next move. You shot him a little wink before pulling away the rest of his clothing. His awesome “five meters” already extremely hard and waiting to be played with. You started to lift your hand; you could see his body twitch all over. Blowing Prussia a kiss, you wrapped your hand around his length and began to pump up and down.

Prussia bit his lip and closed his eyes at the sudden contact, twisted his head letting moans flow freely.
“I guess that feels nice huh?~”
You teased, your pumps slow and torcher for Prussia. Your paced stayed the same, Prussia shaking all over.
“Ahh~ (Name), p-please, faster…”
“Funny, I’m usually the one begging for you to go faster.” You giggle, increasing your speed by one second; loving watching him squirm under you.

Soon his moans became desperate and you decided you’d teased him enough. Picking up your speed, your arm pulsates up and down faster and faster, The Prussian shaking all over becoming a bundled mess calling your name. You saw his hands ball into fists as the friction soon became too much, Prussia arching his back to the extent he could, his body going stiff all over.

He came, getting most on your hand, his cheeks almost as red as his eyes. You giggled at his heavy panting, giving the tip of his member a soft teasing lick. As you lifted your head, your eyes locked with his dazzling red orbs, unable to slow his panting. You shot him a smirk putting your next move into motion.

Sitting back you pulled away the rest of the clothes you were trapped in, both of you now fully exposed and caught up in the moment.

You edged forward – letting out a soft yelp when you felt his member brush against your opening – and began to bite his neck in all the spots he loved, Prussia moaning softly as his head turned to the side, his eyes closing being taken over by your dominance. As he was swept away, you quickly slid your hands down to his waist and sat back, pushing yourself down onto his member. This was unexpected, making Prussia yelp and buck, in turn making you moan deeply.

But you weren’t going to have any of that, you were the dominant one here…

When you had gathered your thoughts, you began to bounce slowly on Prussia’s member; he bit his lip resisting calling out your name. Of course this didn’t please you at all, so you slowed and slowed till you almost came to a stop.
“D-don’t stop…” He whined, blushing more than you were.
“But you weren’t making any noise.” You smirked. “I didn’t think you were enjoying it…”

“I am! I promise I a-AAHH~.”

You started bouncing fast; Prussia tensing up and pleasure ran through all of his body, as well as your own. You sent Prussia crazy, pulling hard on the flag, wanting to put his hands on you and take control; you just answered this by going fast and moving around making him throw his head back and groan your name; the vibrations from his throat traveling to you making your body feel like it was on fire.

Soon you began to shake and get caught up in the moment as the knot in your stomach felt like it was going to explode, the angle making your g-spot even easier to reach and hit about 10 times as hard. You couldn’t even resist mumbling Prussia’s name over; giving him a little masculinity back.

You then felt the knot snap, a hot fire taking over your whole body as pleasure shot through your veins with such force you could faint. Prussia had the same feeling, releasing at the same time as you; both riding out the orgasm to its full. You almost felt like you couldn’t breathe as you pushed off and realised the flag from his wrists; instantly to be pulled into a tight cuddle. You wanted to say something but your head was spinning, the feeling you just had still echoing inside you.

“(Name)…I really hope Gilbird didn’t see that ;D”
~Here you go my awesome watchers! Time for some sexy time with the awesome Prussia ;) I hope you enjoy making Prussia scream your name…
And thank you so much for all the favourites on the Uke!Germany X Reader I posted! It sadly got taken down due to the sexual themes so if you wanna read it let me know and I'll note it :3~

(Haha xD On 20/08/2013 this had 69 faves xD Thanks guys <3)
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