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March 7, 2013
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*Your Dark Side*
Pitch X Reader
~Requested By Crispurplehearts~

Since forever you’d been able to see things, every night you saw the Sandman bring dreams to people through your window. When you told people this they never believed you! Over years of torment over things you could see, it made you grow dark to what you called “Guardians.” This had made your heart black.
There was something about the dark that had always enchanted you. The way it moved, the way it whispered naughty things to you, the way it brought nightmares…  
Everyone routes for the hero, but what about the Villain? The one who gave the hero a right to live, the one who gave the hero a peruse! Nightmares where one of your favourite things, laughing at those who believed there was always a happy ending, one’s who said “It was just a dream.”
While they were in their pathetic little dream world, you would sit by your window, beckoning the bringer of darkness to step forth, to take you to the dark side.

You stood at your window watching the Sandman dance from roof to roof, but never your own. You didn’t welcome good dreams. You watched the gold mist swirl in the air and feel yourself yearn for the opposite. You rested your head against the window and sigh softly. “I know you’re out there…”
Suddenly your room grew cold and you felt the air change, a flash of purple light exploded in your room but quickly was gone. You spun round to see a shadow walking around your walls, it gave off a dark vibe and you loved it.
“Who’s there?” You shout.
“Your fate…” A deep voice washed over you, you felt it in the air. You loved the way it made the world tremble.
“Who are you?”
“Call me Pitch.”
“Why are you here?” The thrill making you beam evilly.
“Oh, beautiful (name.) You know why I’m here. Your heart is as black as my own and they bleed the same thing.”

His words made you want to fall to your knees. Pitch stepped forward and took your breath away. His fiery eyes cutting into your core, his blue skin looked so smooth and you couldn’t help but want to touch. And the way he looked at you… It was like Pitch knew you inside out. Pitch was close to you, his breath sweeping across your face. “(name)… Will you join me..?”
Bewitched by his words, you nod slowly unable to speak. Pitch places a silky hand on your blushing cheek, the other coils around your waste, pulling you close, into the darkness…

Pitch’s eyes float shut, his thin lips flying towards yours. Taken by surprise you melt into the kiss; Pitch’s lips icy cold against yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck, your fingers brush through his black hair, all the light in you being drained away, replaced with Pitch’s dark. Pitch’s teeth graze your lips as his hands slide down and he pushes you back into the wall. He breaks the kiss as your slight fear makes him smile, slightly growling. “Come on (name)…” His lips brush against your ear, shivers crashing through your body. “Show me your dark side…”
With that Pitch’s lips attach to your neck, his teeth scratching your skin making you silently scream. Pitch places a hand on the wall; you slide one of your hands down to his waist making Pitch jolt forward, his force making the wall crack and Pitch’s hands break through the wall. His body pressed against yours, you pull his lips towards yours again and they bring forth a new sort of darkness in you. Pitch’s tongue brushes your bottom lip and you gladly let him in, your whole world being taken over by Pitch. Your hands grip on his collar, your legs wrapping around his lower back.
Finally, your Prince Of Nightmares Came…
Thanks for the request :iconcrispurplehearts:
I hope you enjoy :) Sorry it's short, I'll do some more Pitch stories in the future and make sure they're longer :3
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